downtown storefront loan program

LIGHTFORM Projector Loan Program

The application window for the Lightform Projector Loan Program is now open!

Lights On Stratford is launching a Lightform Projector Loan Program. Upon accepted application, Lights On Stratford will loan a projector or projectors to downtown businesses who have unique ideas for light displays. The installation and programming of the projector rests with the business owner.

Below please find an example of how the projectors can be used to highlight products from businesses:

We encourage downtown businesses to create unique light displays for their storefront windows to align with the Lights on Stratford festival dates from Dec. 17th through to Jan. 28th, from 5:00pm-10:00pm nightly.

If interested in using a projector or projectors, please send us a detailed email by Friday, November 26th which explains the following:

1. Your Vision: What is your idea for the projector usage? Please provide a few sentences to explain your ideas for the projectors as well as any source images.

2. The Amount of Projectors Needed: How many projectors are you requesting?

3. Your Plan for Projector Setup: Will you need to mount the projector? If yes, how do you plan to mount the projectors? (Arm, stand, etc). What direction will you be projecting from (front, top)? What are you using as a projection surface? What is the size of your projection surface? What is the distance between the projector and your projection surface?

4. Dates Requested for Rental: What day would you like to pick up your projector(s)? What day will you return you projector(s)?